Exposing a WordPress function via REST API

The WordPress REST API was released on version 4.7.0 and it makes possible to send and receive data from endpoints (URL) to retrieve, update and create the content of your site. For example, we can get the post content of post ID 1 by sending an HTTP GET request to the endpoint /wp/v2/posts/1: Although WordPress […]

2023 in review

In 202, I forgot to take notes about what I was doing during the year and thought I would remember everything when I wrote the review. I was wrong. At least I learned not to trust 100% in the memory and in 2023 I took notes. About the blog, I made a significant change. I […]

2021 in review

Although I didn’t post anything in this blog this year(😔), I decided to write the 2021 review because it was good to read the last year’s (2020) review a year later 😊. Books I read Machado de Asis a lot (and I want to keep reading 😜) I would like to highlight the book about […]

2020 in review

Since 2018 I have written a year in review on Twitter about some things that I did in the year. This year (2020) is the first time that I am doing that in this blog :). At the end of 2019, I decided that I would have a blog and it’s here. 2020 was an […]