2021 in review

Although I didn’t post anything in this blog this year(😔), I decided to write the 2021 review because it was good to read the last year’s (2020) review a year later 😊.


  • Supla – Crônicas e Fotos do Charada Brasileiro
  • História de uma lágrima – Machado de Asis
  • A Pianista – Machado de Asis
  • Elasticsearch: The Definitive Guide – Clinton Gormley and Zachary Tong
  • Thinking, Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman
  • A Philosophy of Software Design – John Ousterhout
  • O Dever do Advogado – Ruy Barbosa
  • Memórias Póstumas de Brás Cubas – Machado de Asis
  • O Sainete – Machado de Asis
  • Primas de Sapucaia – Machado de Asis
  • Miloca – Machado de Asis
  • Quem não quer ser Lobo… – Machado de Asis
  • Pílades e Orestes – Machado de Asis
  • Um Cão de Lata ao Rabo – Machado de Asis
  • Uma Águia sem Asas – Machado de Asis
  • Muitos Anos Depois – Machado de Asis

I read Machado de Asis a lot (and I want to keep reading 😜)

I would like to highlight the book about Elasticsearch, before this book I had heard about Elasticsearch but I had never given enough attention to this tool. Elasticsearch is a tool for a complex problem that is information retrieval. Even though I had read the book and worked with this tool, there are a lot of things to be explored since is a vast theme.


After a long time, I decided to play Diablo III and what a deception. I should keep my good memories of Diablo II.

At least I was able to play:

  • CupHead – while I was playing I asked myself several times why I kept playing this game (😆), but it’s a great (and hard) game.
  • Stardew Valley – I love the history and how this game was built.
  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild – after finishing the main quests last year, I go back to finish the side quests. It’s cool to know more about this world that always has something new to discover.

Other things I did

I feel I worked a lot this year. It was great and I learned a lot of things both on the technical and non-technical side (soft skills) 🤓.

I got Covid-19 and flu vaccine 🎉.


Copying from the last year but with some changes:

Keeping to using mask, social distancing, avoiding closed places and getting the third Covid-19 booster 💉.

Also, I expect to practise more acoustic guitar and publish some personal projects.

See you next year!