Hello, world! My name is Ramon Ahnert and I’m a software developer.

Developer, software engineer, coder and so on… there are so many terms that we can use to define someone who builds software.

A long time ago, I wanted to build a site and it started by just searching for “How to make a site?”. As a result of this search, I learned about HTML, CSS, JavaScript and… FTP. That time I realized that if you have a computer and connection to the internet (even when limited), you could learn a lot.

I am so grateful to the people who decided to share their knowledge and ideas online. Publishing content online can reach and change people’s lives in many ways. And this is one of the reasons that made me have a blog to share what I have learned so far. If it impacts one person, it’s worth the effort.

Nowadays, I’ve been working as a software developer for more than ten years and I completed my master’s degree in computer science. Also, I like to contribute to open source projects, particularly within the WordPress community.

When I am not coding I like to play video games, listen (and play) to music and spend time with my family.